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The deals in this practice area vary widely, but always involve transactions with foreign entities in East Africa & Ukraine. ONE & ASSOCIATES is familiar with the applicable foreign law, but often work with local counsel who advise on a broad range of domestic law issues. ONE & ASSOCIATES recognizes that the deals can be very challenging for business that wish to transact in East Africa & Ukraine and therefore offer the experience and contacts in streamlining the business interests. ONE & ASSOCIATES understands the needs and challenges of dealing with a company in a foreign country, not just laws but also cultural and communication differences. In particular, we assist businesses in dealing with gray areas when the foreign laws are not as well developed.

Running a business is made easier by access to the right advice. We have the services of very experienced consultants. Their experience of the relevant law and practice and how prompt service can assist in commercial situations could be invaluable. The consultants are team players and skilled communicators who will always add value. This is in addition to our existing litigation, dispute resolution, employment, and like services which together provide a comprehensive facility in this area of the law. We can help with:

• All forms of Corporate and Commercial agreements and resolution of disputes arising therefrom
• Company formations and structures both national and international
• Regulatory Compliance
• Service Agreements
• Charities and Trusts
• Partnership/Shareholder Disputes
• Drafting of partnership/shareholder agreements
• Disputes as to quality of supplies & workmanship
• Difficulties with recovering payments
• Disputes with subcontractors
• Pursuing and defending proceedings, including enforcement issues, bankruptcy and corporate insolvency
• Preparation/review of terms and conditions of business
• Preparation of agreements with consultants subcontractors
• Preparation of Commercial Agency Agreements
• Preparation of Agreements with trade partners/distributors

ONE & ASSOCIATES assists clients to avoid disputes occurring in the first place. If the dispute is unavoidable then we will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for our client, either using alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR) such as negotiation, arbitration or mediation, or by pursuing the dispute rigorously through litigation and trial. Our litigation lawyers handle a broad range of work.

To support our clients in their business engagements, we provide applicable services with respect to commercial and legal contractual relations, in particular:

• We choose the wording of the contracts according to the clients´ specific requirements;
• We evaluate agreement drafts proposed by business partners of our clients, including their amendments according to the client´s requirements;
• We negotiate or provide legal support during negotiations between our client and their business partners on the wording of the contract;
• We assess the possibility of terminating a commercial contract and prepare the documentation to assist with the termination;
• We analyse possible breach of contractual terms and resolve the responsibility relations resulting from such a breach;
• We provide legal aid in enforcing the commercial contracts´ claims including their exercise at courts or executive authorities.

When preparing a commercial contract, we focus on understanding the business of our clients in order to tailor the contract completely in accordance with the client´s trade needs and ideas. We always treat our clients individually, both when preparing the agreements (that are in their nature provided for by legal standards), and when preparing unusual types of contractual documents.

Companies, regardless of their size, face many different risks when doing business. Averting and mitigating risks is the key to success. ONE & Associates understands the business environment in which you operate and offer solutions to your commercial legal issues with the aim of reducing your legal risk exposure wherever possible.

Our services are designed to meet strategic legal advice and consultation requirements. We provide analysis of legal, regulatory and compliance issues and requirements in order to devise both practical and strategic solutions that maximize legal and compliance output while minimizing costs. We offer the highest integrity and discretion with respect to client confidentiality.

Our consultants have experience working in-house for multi-national corporations and private businesses. They posses a unique insider’s view of how business works and how business decisions are made and understand the importance of balancing legal objectives with practical business considerations. Our services include:

• Establishment of an internal legal system;
• Handling legal issues in your business dealings;
• Consultation on law and regulations;
• Drafting and amendments of legal instruments or documents in accordance with your needs;
• Legal analysis and risk management advice;
• Providing legal training and guidance for staff.

Due to the complexity of legal issues, specialization from our side is unavoidable. ONE & Associates focus on the areas of employment and labor lawcorporate lawmergers & acquisitions and Ukraine,China business dynamics.

Being a large country in the very center of Europe, Ukraine has a potential of becoming a leading economy in the region. With quickly developing IT, agricultural and other industries, it is drawing investments and businesses from around the world. These and other factors cause foreigners to visit Ukraine not only for tourism purposes, but also for business and family matters which require prolonged stay. ONE & Associates assists clients with;

Permanent & Temporary residence permit in Ukraine:

ONE & Associates assists with temporary residence permit in Ukraine for a variety of reasons.

a). Your company opens its branch office in Ukraine and you are relocating?
b). You are a business person and want to set up a corporation in Ukraine?
c). You are married to a person from Ukraine and want to spend more time with your spouse in Ukraine?
d). You do not want to give up your current citizenship but need to stay in Ukraine for a prolonged period of time?

ONE & Associates will;

• provide legal advice on eligibility for a temporary residence document in Ukraine in your particular situation;
• if more than one legal ground is applicable in your case, we will assist in choosing the most optimal one;
• help with acquisition of documents. related to the preparatory stages (no-criminal record certificate, medical examination certificates, medical insurance, etc);
• provide legal services related to the formation of a corporation (when a foreigner chooses to stay in Ukraine for purposes of doing business);
• draw up documents required for issuance of the permit, fill out applications, standard forms, etc;
• deal with governmental agencies (including Migration Service of Ukraine and its divisions, State administrations, etc) responsible for issuance of residence permit as well as other documents. This includes submission of documents, supervision of consideration of the documents, etc;
• advise on the matters of the official fee and if requested make payments in the client’s name and at his expense;
• help find accommodation in Ukraine for the purposes of official registration at a given address;
• provide other related legal services depending on client’s instructions.

Other services in this practice area include processing of tax certificates, birth certificates and confirmation of citizenship for children born to foreigners in Ukraine.

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