Commercial Law

Running a business is made easier by access to the right advice. We have the services of very experienced consultants. Their experience of the relevant law and practice and how prompt service can assist in commercial situations could be invaluable. The consultants are team players and skilled communicators who will always add value. This is in addition to our existing litigation, dispute resolution, employment, and like services which together provide a comprehensive facility in this area of the law. We can help with:

• All forms of Corporate and Commercial agreements and resolution of disputes arising therefrom
• Company formations and structures both national and international
• Regulatory Compliance
• Service Agreements
• Charities and Trusts
• Partnership/Shareholder Disputes
• Drafting of partnership/shareholder agreements
• Disputes as to quality of supplies & workmanship
• Difficulties with recovering payments
• Disputes with subcontractors
• Pursuing and defending proceedings, including enforcement issues, bankruptcy and corporate insolvency
• Preparation/review of terms and conditions of business
• Preparation of agreements with consultants subcontractors
• Preparation of Commercial Agency Agreements
• Preparation of Agreements with trade partners/distributors