Immigration Law of Ukraine

Immigration Law of Ukraine:

Being a large country in the very center of Europe, Ukraine has a potential of becoming a leading economy in the region. With quickly developing IT, agricultural and other industries, it is drawing investments and businesses from around the world. These and other factors cause foreigners to visit Ukraine not only for tourism purposes, but also for business and family matters which require prolonged stay. ONE & Associates assists clients with;

Permanent & Temporary residence permit in Ukraine:

ONE & Associates assists with temporary residence permit in Ukraine for a variety of reasons.

a). Your company opens its branch office in Ukraine and you are relocating?
b). You are a business person and want to set up a corporation in Ukraine?
c). You are married to a person from Ukraine and want to spend more time with your spouse in Ukraine?
d). You do not want to give up your current citizenship but need to stay in Ukraine for a prolonged period of time?

ONE & Associates will;

• provide legal advice on eligibility for a temporary residence document in Ukraine in your particular situation;
• if more than one legal ground is applicable in your case, we will assist in choosing the most optimal one;
• help with acquisition of documents. related to the preparatory stages (no-criminal record certificate, medical examination certificates, medical insurance, etc);
• provide legal services related to the formation of a corporation (when a foreigner chooses to stay in Ukraine for purposes of doing business);
• draw up documents required for issuance of the permit, fill out applications, standard forms, etc;
• deal with governmental agencies (including Migration Service of Ukraine and its divisions, State administrations, etc) responsible for issuance of residence permit as well as other documents. This includes submission of documents, supervision of consideration of the documents, etc;
• advise on the matters of the official fee and if requested make payments in the client's name and at his expense;
• help find accommodation in Ukraine for the purposes of official registration at a given address;
• provide other related legal services depending on client's instructions.

Other services in this practice area include processing of tax certificates, birth certificates and confirmation of citizenship for children born to foreigners in Ukraine.