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ONE & ASSOCIATES is a boutique law firm serving clients in East Africa, Ukraine and the surrounding areas. We believe in developing strong, trusting, long term relationships with our clients, as well as giving back to the communities we serve. We achieve this by setting the highest standards of Integrity, Professionalism, and Confidentiality. We understand that dealing with legal matters is a necessary part of your life, including running a successful business. However, it can be time consuming and often inconvenient. At ONE & ASSOCIATES we strive to make the entire legal process as seamless as possible. We specialize in three primary areas of Law: Commercial Law, Negotiations & Commercial Litigation. ONE & ASSOCIATES recognizes that running a business is never easy. Despite good organization, any business can run into disputes with suppliers, customers, contractors or industry regulators. Internal matters can also arise within the business between shareholders, partners or directors, which need to be resolved in a professional manner. We can also prepare/review key business documents. We have a wealth of practical knowledge of the key issues involved since we litigate business disputes. We know where difficulties may arise in practice or where businesses may be commercially exposed on legal grounds. Business owners and managers working under pressure need practical legal advice and reliable guidance. We will provide the assistance for your business needs because we are a law firm with a passion for business'


Based on the experience gained so far in exercising legal services, the ONE & ASSOCIATES have laid down the following 10 critical rules to be applied to our work:

Loyalty – The client´s requirement is the crucial starting point of our job. It is perceived as a loyalty commitment. We always thoroughly assess the legal service required in relation to our ability to satisfy that demand, always trying to identify any possible conflict of interests in order to render the legal assistance independently, efficiently and in accordance with the client´s requirements.

Confidentiality – We always follow the confidentiality rules without exception, as required of us by law. This principle is reflected in the way we handle the information and documentation entrusted to us by our clients.

Expertise – We are continuously monitoring the latest legal provisions and their interpretation in the judicature of both Kenyan & Ugandan courts. We pay close attention to the level of expertise of all our attorneys and see to it that the level stays high.

Persistence – Our services must always aim at promoting and pushing through the client´s interest. In order to achieve the goal efficiently, we shall use all means available. We do not settle for routine work when processing the client´s issues. We fight hard for the client´s victory.

Determination – In order to achieve the goals set, individual procedures tailored to fit the specific needs and conditions of our clients are respected.

Responsibility – We are deeply committed to the quality of our results, therefore approaching the legal services with respect and utmost seriousness. This is reflected in the checking and controlling mechanisms in place within our company. These are continuously verified and improved.

Communication – We are aware of the vital role which communication with the client plays in providing good quality legal services. Therefore, we pay close attention to what the clients say, trying to understand their interests. We deem it natural to keep clients informed about the status of their case.

Cost-effectiveness – Being aware of the fact that time is money, we propose our clients the solutions that will help us achieve the desired task as fast as possible.

Availability – We know that when addressing their needs, the clients are usually rushing or facing time constraints. Therefore, our services are adapted to client´s needs, offering them the widest possible range of communication possibilities, including the availability of our team on mobile phones.

Inner Stability – For long time we have been working on building a strong and balanced team where everybody feels supported by their colleagues and staff, and thereby enabled to advocate our clients´ interests with confidence.

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