ONE Legal Clinic is a probono wing of the firm dedicated to helping low income Kenyans meet their basic needs through the provision of essential legal and mediation services. We strive to eliminate the causes of poverty and mitigate its effects by helping individuals access justice. In order to qualify, you will be asked a few questions, like the name of the opposing party in your legal issue. The opposing party may be a spouse in a divorce case, a landlord, or a collection agency, anyone with whom you may have a dispute or legal issue. You will be asked about

  • your household income on a monthly or annual basis (this means everyone in your house
  • not just you)
  • the amount of rent you pay
  • any fixed debt payments (like taxes you are paying)
  • child support paid by anyone in your household

The expenses listed above are the only expenses we can consider in figuring your eligibility for free services. If you don’t qualify for free services, we will help you learn about other services including services that have a low fee.

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