Our services are designed to meet strategic legal advice and consultation requirements. We provide analysis of legal, regulatory and compliance issues and requirements in order to devise both practical and strategic solutions that maximize legal and compliance output while minimizing costs. We offer the highest integrity and discretion with respect to client confidentiality.

Our consultants have experience working in-house for multi-national corporations and private businesses. They posses a unique insider’s view of how business works and how business decisions are made and understand the importance of balancing legal objectives with practical business considerations.

Philosophy of Determining Remuneration

Normally, the legal services provided by ONE & ASSOCIATES are charged. The amount to be paid is agreed with the client prior to the service rendering. Agreements on the legal services rendered, including the payment, are always in strict compliance with the rules of advocacy. When considering the remuneration to be paid, we proceed in accordance with the standards of our law firm.

Further, when delivering legal services abroad, we also act with respect to the foreign law firms with which we have agreements. The standards above enable us to assess the nature of the legal service required and its possible scope, as well as the incorporation of the client´s specific requirements. Unless specifically agreed before, the introductory, preliminary consultations with the client about possible cooperation and/or representation are free of charge.

The initial consultation between our lawyers and the client usually focuses on analysing the client´s needs in order to get a clear picture of the service(s) needed to satisfy he client´s issue in the next stage. Thus, already in the introductory session, the client not only gets a good idea of the legal aspect of their case, but also a notion of how time-consuming and expensive the procedure will be. Put differently, we provide the following free of charge: we analyse the client´s issue, and within reasonable scope we will study the applicable documents pertaining to the case, assess them on a preliminary basis and then we will communicate the result to the client, including our proposal of remuneration for the services to be delivered. If the client agrees, an agreement on legal services delivery is entered into. In case the clients do not accept, the documents they had submitted are returned (or even discarded) and the services provided up to that point will not be charged.

Remuneration for Legal Services

We usually charge the client with remuneration depending on the time spent on resolving the client´s issue. When possible with respect to the nature of the case, we propose to the client that they be charged with a flat-rate for the complete case. In that case the client pays the amount agreed before, without bearing any risks that the remuneration would be ultimately higher than the lump sum agreed initially.

Our permanent clients can use the option of flat-rate monthly payments for all services delivered during the applicable month. When representing a client in judicial, arbitration or other proceedings, we are in exceptional cases willing to charge a success fee, which is remuneration that depends on whether we are successful or not. Usually, upon entering into the contract, we ask the client to pay a reasonable deposit for the remuneration of the legal services to be provided.

The remuneration for legal services provided already covers the routine expenses such as expenses for phone calls, faxes, e-mails, postal charges, copying, local transport and document delivery. The rate also covers negotiations and preparation of correspondence and
contract papers. On the other hand, there are also other expenses such as specialized or official translations, court, administration and notary charges, payments to expert consultants and transport between cities and countries, etc., which are charged to the client separately. Also, when these services are likely to be extensive (charges at courts, travel expenses, long translations, etc.), we would ask the client to pay a reasonable deposit, too. In case there is no specific agreement on remuneration, our law firm charges the client in accordance with